Periodontist, Dr Peter Kerrisk, and his team at Periodontics & Implants provide

  • Specialist dental treatment
  • Well researched treatment techniques to stop gum diseases
  • Caring and friendly advice and treatment
  • Highly trained auxiliary staff
  • Participating provider with HBF
  • Excellent dental surgery facility
  • Laser dentistry available
  • Great access to the practice, with ample free car parking
  • Competitive pricing

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is swollen/bleeding gums without bone loss. Gingivitis is reversible if treated early. However, if left untreated you may develop the later stages of gum disease, which is known as ‘Periodontal Disease’.

Signs/symptoms of Periodontal disease

  • Bleeding when cleaning
  • Bad Breath
  • Gaps opening between teeth
  • Gums receding
  • An “itchy” feeling in the gums

Treatment for Periodontitis

The bacteria and calculus/tartar is removed from the root surface. This may require a local anaesthetic so that no discomfort is felt. It is a “team effort” in arresting the disease. Dr Kerrisk AND yourself, need to remove the bacteria successfully. Provided this is achieved, then the gums will reattach to the tooth, and the disease will be arrested. Once this has been achieved, good oral hygiene & professional maintenance can prevent any disease recurrence.

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